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Introduction to Travel Writing

Travel writing is more about the journey than the destination. Writers can describe a place far from home or in their own backyard that they’ve experienced in a new way. These stories seek to inspire or to inform, to share memories and to make the potential trip easier for the reader. 

This crash course will introduce aspiring writers to the storytelling methods centered around the place and learn how to write in a way that inspires action. It will cover the themes that weave together the journeys of the writer and the reader. It will also discuss where to place travel stories beyond traditional travel publications and get paid for it.

Leveraging Your Travel Blog Into a Book

You’ve already been creating content for readers for free, sharing tips from the places you’ve traveled. So why not make some money off the hard work you’ve done?

In this course, you’ll learn how to take your existing travel blog and streamline your most popular posts to become a book. It might be a memoir, guidebook, or general advice book, published traditionally in print or in an e-book format. Many of the applications in this course can be used for those in other niches like food or fashion.

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